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   We are an engineering company of associated technicians with more than 40 years of expertise in power generation and distribution. And also integrate a ring of enterprises designing and manufacturing electromechanical and electronic devices.Ingeniero Muñoz,
                        founder and CEO 2015

    Our experience started in 1976 by constructing industrial electrical installations, aerial lines up to 132 KV, and medium / high voltage switchboards for the nuclear industry, oil companies, communications, etc.

    Towards 1982, the growing demand for self generated electric power by the consumers allowed us to start the SAVOIA diesel genset line with Deutz diesel engines up to 150 KW. For these products, we manufacture and install reliable automatic control panels and SELCO systems for automatic power management.

    In the decade of the 90's, the updating of local thermoelectric plants opened up the gas turbine market and the development of telecommunications demanded unmanned power stations using small hydroelectric units, windturbines or photovoltaics cells.

* We
then started the renewable energy business, becoming today in a leader company on machinery for distributed production of biodiesel fuel

  The knowledge and skills acquired over many years, allowed us to enter into many related applications within the group. This enabled us to offer advanced technical solutions for power generation, renewable energy , and management of power distribution. See here our std warranty policy.

  You can see some of our main clients here.

    - SELCO A/S , from Denmark, provides supervision and control modules for gensets synchronizing, power import/export systems, and PC software for unmaned installations trough modems or radio links. 

    Therefore, we invite you to meet our SAVOIA  products & services:

CMM Ingenieria

- Hi-Tech electronic controls

- Gas & Diesel Engine Generator Sets

- Gas Turbine Power Stations

- Hydrolectric, Wind Turbine and Solar Power Systems

-  Pressurized Reactors for Biodiesel fuel and Methanol from Glycerol manufacturing

- Cogeneration and Energy management

- CAREM Nuclear Reactor

- Biomass Briquetting and CHP plants

- Activated Charcoal

- Biodegradable Oleochemicals (methylesters, glycerol, solvents, biodiesel, acaricides, coadjuvants,etc)

- Oil seeds crushing and animal feed manufacturing

*** Download our warranty terms here!

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