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Diesel and gas Generating sets, Gas Turbines, Biodiesel Fuel , Wind and hydroelectric turbines                   

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     Energy news

   SAVOIA BD4: safe & affordable BIODIESEL processors for Small Business and
       Home Brewers. Make your fuel 
at low cost
with the BD JET technology. Its high
       temperature r
eaction saves alcohol and process time.   
         ** NEW!! manufacturing Methanol with the crude Glycerol . See here!

     ARCHIMEDEAN screw type 400KW hydroturbines for very low head

     NEW!! TGB microturbines produce power from the exhaust gases to reduce
       6-8% the fuel consumption
of diesel and gas gensets

     Order here! the KWh calculator to estimate the energy production cost   ($/Mwh)
       with gas turbines or gas gensets in open or combined cycle

Renewable systems    

       How to size a renewable energy system for your home? Use our calculator!

    **  Briquetting machines to compress waste biomass (sawdust, rice husks, chips,
         etc) into hard briquettes, able to make high calories charcoal bars
      **  Affordable standarized micro hydroturbines  generating in 50 or 60hz 
    **  Hi Tech vacuum pipe solar heaters
Swimming pool water purifier here! No more chlorine! Big savings!
      **  0,5 to 20kW wind turbine generators HAWT and VAWT type   

  Diesel & Gas Gensets

      ** Heavy Duty gas gensets running 1000 rpm for continuous power       
    **  BI-FUEL kit! reduces the energy cost by burning up to 80% natural gas on
         any diesel generating set. None engine modification needed!

    **  ECO-D electronic
speed governor for diesel & gas engines
    **  SA10 Automatic Voltage Regulator for any brushless alternator up to 1 Mw
   Rebuilt, used and Bi-Fueled diesel & gas gensets with fast delivery

Gas Turbines

      **  Immediately available used, unused and rebuilt gas turbines
    **  Fog inlet air cooling: for low cost GT's power augmentation

Biodiesel processors

Gas Turbines

Diesel & Gas Gensets

Hydro & Wind

wind, hydro & diesel-renewable hybrid systems
ATS, AVR & Controls

Useful Technical Reports

Small Nuclear Reactor

CHP Systems

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